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About Us


Here at Bucks we are committed to developing our students into highly-qualified and skilled contributors to future industry. At BucksTemps we believe that for our students to gain these necessary skills, we can help build their employability, confidence and experience by providing important and meaningful temporary work placements within the University.

Unlike other agencies, BucksTemps provides an in-house and external service which is professional, quality and customer-focused service liaising with staff and employers to identify and increase the accessibility and number of casual work based opportunities both on and off Campus for students and graduates.

The BucksTemps team will advertise your vacancies, carefully match selected candidates whilst managing the entire administration process. We aim to build the BucksTemps brand based upon positive reputation and recommendation and are available to identify and discuss ways in which BucksTemps can support you in maintaining and delivering a top quality service.

To find out more contact BucksTemps@bucks.ac.uk or call 01494 605103.

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