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About Us


Bucks Temps brings you the opportunity to earn extra cash whilst gaining valuable experience working in a university. We offer a wide range of different roles and jobs vary from between one and twenty hours per week.

What Makes us Different?

  • Good rates of pay with flexible working hours
  • Opportunities to try different jobs and develop new skills
  • Constructive feedback on every application you make

We Say

Our mission is to run an employment agency that enhances your university life and prepares you for a successful career once you graduate.

Students Say

Bucks Temps were very friendly and easy to work with as they created a relaxed vibe and good motivating atmosphere. I was thoroughly impressed by the standard of employees and I found their services excellent. (Level 4 student)

Many thanks again for offering me the work. I hope I can work for you again soon.

Working with BucksTemps has been very rewarding for me. Doing a job in such a friendly environment always gives a great pleasure. The people at BucksTemps are positive and helpful and I would definitely recommend the agency to any person who is looking forward to working with them or using their innovative services.

For more information pop in and see us in N1.12 or email us at BucksTemps@bucks.ac.uk or call 01494 605103.

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